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Basin's Hair Care: A Sustainable Solution for Every Hair Type

Basin's Hair Care: A Sustainable Solution for Every Hair Type

Posted by Basin on 8th Apr 2024

Haircare with Basin

Hair Care
Whether you have an established hair washing routine or just lather, rinse, and repeat, your goal is always to keep your hair and scalp feeling refreshed and clean. Luckily, with shampoo and conditioner bars from Basin, you'll be able to achieve silky smooth hair with natural ingredients and no plastic packaging for a product that benefits both body and mind.
Shampoo bars are simple to use too. After you thoroughly wet your hair, pass the shampoo bar under water and create a lather. Either rub the bar between your hands or take it directly to the top of your head and begin your normal wash, working down toward your ends. If you want, you can follow your shampoo with a conditioner bar to step out of the shower feeling fresh.

The Plastic-Free Promise

We are fully committed to sustainability which starts with our packaging choices. When choosing our hair care products, you also choose zero waste. These products have positive effects on your hair and help the environment. In the United States, we toss away millions of plastic bottles every year, which include shampoo and conditioner bottles. On the other hand, shampoo bars are stand-alone products just like traditional hand soap. After you finish a bar, there's nothing left to throw out, eliminating the need for plastic bottles altogether.
Additionally, the harsh chemicals in traditional shampoo get washed down the drain as your rinse your hair. Although this doesn't typically affect drinking water, the supply reaching oceans, rivers and lakes is untreated and can harm animals and other aquatic life. Because shampoo bars don't have these chemicals, you can feel confident you're helping your hair and the environment.

Tailored for Every Hair Type

Basin understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to hair care. We offer a range of shampoo and conditioner bars that are carefully formulated to address the specific needs of different hair types:
Dry & Sensitive Hair Care
Enriched with nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter and essential oil, Basin's shampoo bars for dry and damaged hair provide deep hydration and repair, leaving hair soft and revitalized.
Oily or Everyday Hair Care
For those struggling with excess oiliness, Basin offers shampoo bars infused with clarifying agents like coconut oil and activated charcoal. These bars effectively cleanse the scalp and regulate oil production without stripping the hair of its natural oils.
Thick and Curly Hair Care
Basin's shampoo bars for thick and curly hair are formulated to enhance natural curls, reduce frizz, and add bounce and definition. Ingredients like coconut oil and jojoba oil nourish and moisturize, promoting healthier, more manageable curls.
Chemically Treated Hair Care
For those with chemically treated hair, whether it's colored, permed, or subjected to other chemical processes, finding the right hair care products can be a game-changer. Our shampoo bars for color-treated hair are infused with ingredients like cocoa butter and antioxidants, which help lock in color while nourishing and strengthening the hair. These bars are formulated to be gentle yet effective, ensuring that your color stays vibrant and your hair remains healthy.
At Basin, we strive to deliver clean and nourishing self care in the form of fun, fresh bath and body products because we believe that everyone deserves to feel good. We think self care should be inclusive and affordable, and all of our products are cruelty-free. We make our products without synthetic alcohols, parabens or mineral oils, so you know you're giving your hair the treatment it deserves every time.
Treat yourself and shop our shampoo bars for natural, fresh and uplifting hair care.