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Ingredient Focus: De-stress & Relax

Posted by Basin Beauty on

De-stress and Relax
Stress is a common factor in everyone’s life, and while we are not able to eliminate it completely, we can certainly help. A bath is the perfect opportunity to fill your bathroom with soothing fragrances, and to use great, natural products on your body that soothe the soul as well as the skin. It is important to dedicate time for yourself to relax and soak the stress away.

Here at Basin, we have a few products that feature ingredients that can help you de-stress:

Orange Aromatherapy/Orange Essential Oils

Orange fragrance is often used in aromatherapy to lower blood pressure. In the philosophy of feng shui, orange is said to bring positive energy into your life. Sounds pretty great to us! Studies have shown that orange essential oil...
  • Behaves like an anti-inflammatory
  • Helps soothe visibly irritated skin
  • Helps to calm and de-stress the mind and body
  • Sun Butter Florida Orange Soap Orange Blossom Bath Bomb Lemon Lime Shave Cream

Lavender Aromatherapy/Lavender Essential Oils

This purple flower is universally known for its seemingly magical ability to de-stress and declutter the mind. Lavender is a beautiful, soft, flowery smell and it is a popular remedy to a wide range of ailments. Studies have shown that lavender essential oil…
  • Contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties
  • Promotes better sleep by calming the mind
  • Helps to soothe visibly irritated skin
  • Lavender Body Butter Lavender Natural Soap Lavender Bath Bomb Lavender Shea Salt Scrub
We invite you to take this opportunity to escape from reality to let your body and mind de-stress and relax. Even if you only have a few minutes each day or each week, use them! If you haven't already, we also suggest signing up for our rewards program to receive $5 off your first purchase, both in stores and online.