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Must-Haves for Moms | Natural Skincare | Basin

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Being a mom can be hard. Whether you're a brand new mom or an empty nester, all moms wear many hats to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Moms are often doctors, counselors, chefs, maids, and coaches all-in-one. Here's a list of the best Basin products to make mom's life just a little bit easier!


Dr. Spot Stain Remover Soap

Stains happen. Dr. Spot, however, doesn't let them stick around for very long. Derived from a blend of natural oils, this bar soap works well on fresh and even set-in stains. Simply wet the area and rub with the bar. Rinse and repeat if necessary. We've taken tomato sauce, grease, grass stains, pen, and even baby food stains out of even the most stubborn fabrics. You'll never feel defeated by stains again!


Kiss the Cook Soap

This lemon-scented bar is made up of all-natural vegetable oils that rid hands of pungent cooking smells. Nobody wants garlicky fingers, regardless of who's the chef of the house. Moms, whether you're building the best PBJ there is or preparing a gourmet meal, our Kiss the Cook soap keeps your hands smelling and feeling fresh.

Lavender Milk Bath

All moms should have Milk Bath tucked away in a secret place that nobody else in the house knows about. It's a two-in-one product that can be used as a bubble bath, a shower gel, or both! It's made with real whole milk that leaves the skin extra hydrated and silky smooth. Milk Bath is perfect for long soaks in the evening, or quick showers in the morning.

Therapy Bath Bomb

Because everybody could use a little therapy now and again. All of our bath bombs offer excellent benefits, but our Therapy bomb contains a little something extra for those who deserve some rest and relaxation. This large bath bomb is infused with Dead Sea Salts to soothe tired minds and aching muscles with.


Special Delivery Soaps

It's a boy! It's a girl! Our vegetable glycerin soaps are fun, decorative, and gentle. Smelling of light baby powder, these soaps make for great baby shower presents or favors. What's more, they're an unexpected gift for new moms.


Dr Spot Kiss the Cook Lavender Milk Bath Therapy Bath Bomb Special Delivery Boy Special Delivery Girl