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Self-Care While Social Distancing | Aries Season | Basin

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This year Aries season happens to fall during a sad, uncertain time in the world. Aries are typically passionate, over-achievers and the goal is to channel that energy into something positive. Supporting and considering others right now is essential, but we can only do that effectively if we, ourselves, are healthy. Remember what we're told every time we fly on an airplane, "Before you assist others, always put your oxygen mask on first.”

Aries Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so you may be feeling a strong urge to focus on yourself right now. Meditation and self-improvement are essential in order to serve yourself and others. Create a cozy environment with our Volcano Candle and let the soothing blend of bergamot, rose, mimosa, clove, nutmeg, amber, tonka bean, patchouli, and sandalwood help you get into the right, focused headspace.

Taurus Slow down, Taurus. Use this social distancing time for your own recovery. Recovery can be small acts of self-care, including anything that prioritizes your mental and physical health. Journal, go for walks in the sunshine, eat your greens, or soak in the bath. Your grounded, earthy nature may benefit from our
Hemp Bath Bomb, which contains nourishing hemp oil that helps to alleviate a stressed mind and body.

Gemini Connection is key for you right now, Gemini. You might be craving social time, which feels especially challenging while we're all stuck indoors. That doesn't mean communication has to stop. Send more messages, make more phone calls, FaceTime your loved ones. Be easy on yourself. If you're feeling guilty, uneasy, or sad, that's ok. Soak up a little extra sunshine with our
Happiness Shower Bomb. Citrus essential oils are mood-boosters.

Cancer You're a natural born leader, Cancer. People are drawn to you for reassurance and guidance and this makes you feel good. You don't shy away from self-care, but you often prioritize work and helping others. Something like
Tea Tree Soap is ideal for you. Soothing peppermint and tea tree essential oils are a reliable, effective blend to keep your skin in check. It's all about efficiency for you right now, including the products you're using.

Leo Feeling adventurous, Leo? This time may feel especially challenging for you if you rely on newness and surprises to keep things exciting. Change your perspective! Seek escape in books. Watch travel documentaries. Order from a new restaurant. Turn your shower into a tropical oasis with our
Island Silk Shampoo Bar. Let the exotic fragrance of island citrus and florals whisk you away and give you healthy, voluminous hair at the same time.

Virgo It's ok to feel worried, Virgo. Something tells us that you may be struggling with the blues right now. Your close relationships are everything to you and not being able to be physically close to all of your loved ones feels unsettling. Focus on what you can control and try to remember that this too shall pass. Stay emotionally close with phone calls and messages. Be kind to yourself. Let our new
Rainbow Bath Bomb foam and float your worries away.

Libra When it comes to giving and supporting others, Libras are naturals. You are the exact opposite of Aries energy; more logic-motivated and diplomatic. You know how to remain calm and make sense of high-stress situations. Use this time to make a significant other or a close friend feel special and safe, you have a knack for it. Don't skip over yourself, though! Show yourself some love with our calming vanilla-floral
Enchanted Waters Bath Bomb.

Scorpio This time may feel like a new beginning for you, Scorpio. You are ready to use this opportunity to your benefit. You love an organized list, but remember that wellbeing is not something that can be checked off. It's something we must practice daily. For you this might look like deep-cleaning, food prepping, reorganizing your space, and dedicated self-care time. A full body exfoliation with
Sugar Body Scrub is right up your alley. Citrus essential oils and sugar crystals will help you feel like new.

Sagittarius Sagittarius, you are able to find joy in even the most mundane, bleak situations. Use this gift to help others right now, if you can. You thrive off of fun and intimacy and your natural zest for life is actually a breath of fresh air for those close to you. Speaking of zest, our
Satsuma Shower Bomb is the perfect, no-fuss product to start your day off on the the right foot. After all, it's scientifically proven that smelling fresh citrus can improve one's mood.

Capricorn You are usually quite ambitious, Capricorn. You may feel frustrated that the world has seemingly come to a halt, pausing all of your projects and goals. Instead of focusing on everything you can't do, spend this time reflecting on how far you've come in life. Show yourself some gratitude. You deserve some time off.
Relaxation Bath Salt is the ultimate way to, well, relax. Our blend of Dead Sea and Epsom salts soothes and detoxes, and the fresh scent of marine florals, jasmine, and musk is turns a typical bath into a spa-like experience.

Aquarius You love to feel needed and appreciated, but are you showing up for yourself, Aquarius? Create healthy daily rituals. Get your steps in or cook something healthy. Not only will it help you get through this strange time, but you may end up feeling refreshed and refocused by the end of it. Keep things lighthearted and treat yourself to our new
Unicorn Soap! This vegetable glycerin soap features a pastel, magical blend of sweet, zesty citrus fruits.

Pisces Pisces, you may discover a new motivation for productivity right now. This could be an opportunity to work on any half-finished projects, work-related or personal. You may find that doing so will help you feel a little more grounded. When you're ready for a break, go for a
Therapy Bath Bomb. The fresh scent of plumeria flowers combined with chunky mineral salts is comforting and soothes any tension you might have.