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Skincare From Head To Toe | Step-By-Step | Basin

13th Jan 2020

Figuring out your personal skincare routine can feel like a daunting task. There seems be to be an infinite amount of products on the market that all offer the same benefits. Do you really need five different moisturizers that all promise younger, glowing skin? Maybe you do. But we can also show you how to pare down your products to what's truly necessary. Let's start from the top!



The first and, arguably, the most important step of a good skincare routine is facial cleansing. Let your skin breath by removing the day's dirt and oils. Natural oil-based soaps are gentle, yet effective as each is designed for a specific purpose. For instance, try Dead Sea Mud soap soap for hydration and deep cleaning if you are someone who battles dryness and clogged pores. Lather the bar in your hands or a soft sponge, massage into your skin, and rinse away.



Infuse and exfoliate with a light Face Scrub. Like the natural soaps, there is a face scrub for all needs. Dead Sea Mud is mineral-rich and contains both eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils. It works to improve skin elasticity, minimize pores and fine lines, and remove excess dirt oils. Gently apply a small amount onto the face, working the product in circles. Rinse away and pat dry. While cleansing the skin is something we would suggest for every day, exfoliating depends on you.



Before you call it a day (or a night!) on your face care routine, give everything a once over with Face Toner. If you are prone to acne and oils, you don't want to skip this step. Apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe from forehead to neck. You may be surprised to see leftover dirt! Alcohol-free and made from natural citrus oils, face toner balances the skin, helping it remain smooth and glowing. Now you have a clean and healthy base to apply a favorite moisturizer.



If you've washed your body and your skin still feels dry or lackluster, consider a Body Scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. We offer three types that are made from nourishing ingredients like shea butter and essential oils. Treat yourself to a full-body exfoliation or focus on one area, it's up to you and what you need. Similar to a face scrub, body scrubs remove dry or dead skin while improving circulation and softness.



Don't skip this last step because moisturizers are best used on warm, just-out-of-the-shower skin. If your skin feels happy and nourished, we suggest a Hydrator. They are a more lightweight formula, infused with aloe vera and vitamins E, C, and D. Conversely, Body Butters feature a rich formula made from coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter, and are ideal for those who require a bit more hydration. Applying lotion last helps your skin maintain a healthy moisture barrier.

We recognize that everyone has different skin types and different needs. If you aren't sure which particular product may work best for you, always feel free to reach out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to ask!