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Macaroon Shampoo Bar (NEW DESIGN!)


Gentle ingredients that keeps hair soft, shiny, and manageable without stripping hair of natural oils.

Fragrance: Coconut
Recommended Hair Type: Children or Chemically Treated Hair

Key Ingredient: COCONUT OIL

How coconut oil benefits hair:

  • Rich in vitamins and fatty acids that help to promote healthy hair growth
  • Moisturizes hair follicles to decrease frizz and static
  • Conditions tangles and adds high quality shine to hair strands
  • Naturally protects hair from sun damage and drying out

  • Pair with Macaroon Conditioner Bar

    Cleanse Responsibly

    What is solid hair care? Believe it or not, all the nourishing ingredients your scalp and hair needs can be found in one compact bar. We've stripped away all the excess, harmful ingredients that are often found in commercial liquid shampoos and conditioners and kept only the good stuff! Our bars are free from drying alcohols and waxes that cause buildup, and are primarily made from a blend of soothing coconut oil and rich cocoa butter. Unique ingredients are added to each bar to ... READ MORE >

    How to Use

    Rub directly onto hair or rub between hands and apply lather onto hair. Keep dry between uses. Lasts 50 to 75 washes.


    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Coconut Oil, Water, Fragrance


    Hair Care

    Chemically Treated Hair


    23 Reviews Write a Review

    • 5
      Clarifying yet moisturizing

      Posted by Monica B. on 21st Apr 2020

      I have used Lush shampoo bars and some other Basin shampoo bars but this one is by far my favorite. It does everything it claims. It deeply cleans my platinum blonde fourth day hair, and soemhow leaves it feeling healthy and perfectly moisturized unlike some other SLS shampoo bars I have used that have left my hair dry even with conditioner. I highly recommend this to people with dry lightened hair that needs to be deeply cleaned yet needs the perfect balance of moisture to remain in their hair once rinsed.

    • 5
      A shampoo bar that actually works

      Posted by Liz on 25th Mar 2020

      I have tried so many shampoo bars that I have left build-up in my hair or made my hair feel greasy or stiff that I have lost count. This one, on the other hand, is fantastic. I have been dying my coarse, wavy hair for years and have never had a product take such good care of my hair. SO many of Basin's products work for my hair and it's a really great feeling. I use the Macaroon conditioner bar as well abd it's a great and hydrating combination. Plus, I only have to use a nickle-sized amount in my hair! When I finish one of these bars, I alternate with the Hair Food one and it works wonders!

    • 4
      Great Shampoo Bar

      Posted by Patti H on 16th Dec 2019

      This is a repeat order. I really like these shampoo bars. This one is my favorite. The only reason I gave it 4 stars, is the packaging could be improved. I purchased 3, and 1 was broken to pieces because of back packaging. Otherwise, great product.

    • 5
      I’m in LOVE

      Posted by on 12th Aug 2019

      These bars are amazing! I thought when I gave up bottled shampoos I’d be giving up some quality but my hair has never been as shiny and soft as it is after using this bar and the matching conditioner bar for a few days. Never going back!

    • 5
      Best Shampoo Ever!

      Posted by Mindy on 30th Jul 2019

      I was a little skeptical that this tiny little bar could do so much. But my hair was left feeling soft, voluminous and smelling great. You don't need a lot and it provide a great lather.

    • 3
      Love the product, not the packaging

      Posted by Ellen on 17th Jul 2019

      I got both the shampoo and conditioner bars to reduce single-use plastic, and they work very well. However, the products came wrapped in bubble wrap in a plastic bag. With better packaging, I would give this product a 5.

    • 5
      It's perfect!

      Posted by Ashly Phillips on 1st May 2017

      I love this shampoo bar! It's lathers really easily and it smells amazing! Highly recommended!

    • 5
      Love this shampoo!

      Posted by Chris M. on 1st Jan 2016

      I've heard of squeaky clean hair over the years, but my hair never seemed to squeak with drug store brands of shampoo. I found this bar shampoo at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida and got some to try. Where I used to have to shampoo two times each time I washed my hair, all I need to do is one washing and my hair really does squeak! It gets so clean with this shampoo and I love the scent as well. There is no detergent type suds; just a fresh lather and rinse. I recommend this to everyone. I bought bars for Christmas present for my daughter, daughter-in-law and teenage granddaughter. I'll pay shipping charges to keep getting this great product.

    • 5
      LOVE IT

      Posted by Basin Guest on 25th May 2015