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Summer Shower Bomb Box (NEW!)

(You save $1.97 )

Bring summer to your shower with cool, citrus, breezy scents! Included in this Summer Shower Bomb Box are 4 fragrances chosen for their therapeutic abilities to help reset and recenter the mind and body.

This box contains the following Shower Bombs:
Stress Relief, Happiness, Relaxation, and Satsuma.

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No Tub? No Problem!

Do you ever need a therapeutic and relaxing experience but don't have the time to soak away your stress in the bath? Us, too! Shower Bombs add an aromatic twist to your shower without the time commitment needed for a bath. They are perfect for a well-deserved pampering before your busy day or winding down before bed. We have found that the Shower Bomb experience ... READ MORE >

How to Use

Place Shower Bomb on shower floor just outside the direct spray of water. A small amount of water is required to release therapeutic aromas. Shower Bombs can be used more than once if kept dry between showers.


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