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Spring Meadow in a Jar

Indulge in the fresh, floral fantasy of spring with our luxuriously smoothing Sugar Soufflé

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Egg-stravagant Bathing with Basin

Discover the ultimate relaxation with our limited-time Easter Egg bath bombs in Therapy, Isn't it Grand, and Stress Relief scents

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Blossom into Spring with Basin

Let your bath bloom with the essence of spring in every Basin product

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Awaken Your Senses with Spring's Aroma

Unwind in a garden of relaxation with our floral bath essentials

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Indulge in Opulence

Isn't it Grand Bath Shimmer transforms your bath into iridescent emerald-shimmering waters while providing nourishing hydration

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“This is a Candy Store for Bath products!”

“I absolutely LOVE Basin. Whenever I visit ​Disney Springs​ at the Walt Disney World Resort, I always make an effort to stop by the ​Basin store​”

“​Basin…boutiques offer touch of luxury in every aisle”

“​Save money, save product, and save the planet? That's a beauty product we can get behind.”

“Basin works wonders”

“Basin…products are cruelty free and made in the US.”

Only the best ingredients

All Basin products are made in the USA, are animal cruelty-free, and never contain parabens, alcohol, or mineral oil.

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“Best Bath Bomb by far (Therapy). Very relaxing and soothing. Makes your skin feel very soft while relaxing your whole body.”

“Best body scrub out there!”

“I love the idea of the (Shampoo) bars - not only are these environmentally conscious but I travel a lot so having something that's lightweight and easy to pack works best for me.”

“This soap (Bamboo Charcoal) changed everything. It smells amazing, and after cleansing, your skin literally will GLOW.”

“I did not know what to expect out of a shower bomb. I used it one morning to get ready for work and the scent was awesome and relaxing... This is awesome!”

“Beyond expectations!! I can't take a bath without them (Basin Bath Bombs) anymore!!! Try them for yourself and see!”