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Coconut Lip Scrub

Was: $8.99
Now: $4.50

Take the taste of a tropical getaway with you wherever you go with Coconut Lip Scrub! This gently exfoliating blend of sugar, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, infused with fresh coconut flavor, keeps your lips smooth and vacation-ready no matter the season. 100% edible.

Flavor: Coconut

Key Ingredient: COCONUT OIL

Benefits of coconut oil in lip care:

  • Helps to heal and repair cracked, dry lips
  • Moisturizes chapped lips and strengthens skin natural barrier
  • Protects lips from weather elements
  • Contains microbial properties for natural cleansing
  • Pair with Coconut Lip Balm

    How to Use

    It's normal for the oil to sink to the bottom of the jar. Simply mix ingredients before using. Apply to lips with fingertips. Rub in circular motion, then rinse or lick off.


    Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Flavor Oil.


    Lip Care


    9 Reviews Write a Review

    • 5
      No more dry lips

      Posted by Lisa on 10th Jan 2021

      This is first time purchasing this product. I use it everyday to make my lips soft. I really like the idea of licking it off. Tastes great. It helps my lips not get chapped during winter months. The smell reminds me of a summer vacation to the beach. Luv it. I definitely want to try other flavors.

    • 5
      Love this lip scrub!

      Posted by Basin Guest on 28th Aug 2019

      I love this lip scrub! This is the first time I have used it and love the results! I don't need lip moisturizer/balm after using this scrub. I use it in the morning as a part of my morning routine.

    • 4
      Best Lip Scrub Available - But Expensive

      Posted by Lauren on 24th Dec 2017

      I love this lip scrub and only downside is they are expensive. If you look at the ingredients they aren’t anything complex that warrants charging $9 dollars for... but I suppose they are cheaper than other brands out there (i.e. Jeffrey Star, Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, etc.), perform better, and smell better... so I understand why they would cost what they do when looking at what exists/what the prices are for what is on the market. Unfortunately, when I go to buy them when I am running out, I like to get a large quantity (around 10), and when my order is added up with shipping and tax, it seems ridiculous to over $90 dollars for lip scrub that is made of things that cost a fraction of the price to make and could likely be bought at the supermarket. With that said, I guess I could either stop complaining and pay that amount, wait for a sale, try to find a coupon (which btw is nearly impossible - they don’t even give you one when you order a lot or sign up for their mailing list, like nearly all other beauty companies that exist online do), or go buy the stuff and make it myself. Either way if the price isn’t considered, it is abreally great product, I enjoy using it, and it works really well. I still love the brand and love so many products they make. Hope this review helps some customers. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!

    • 5
      Best product ever!

      Posted by Cynthia on 2nd Jul 2017

      Absolutely love the way my lips feels after using this product. I've used other scrubs and never got the smoothness I get with using this scrub.

    • 5
      Love it!!

      Posted by Basin Guest on 20th Jun 2016

      I love how this makes my lips feel afterwards. Nice and smooth, I love that the ingredients are all natural and 100% edible. I try to use chemical free products whenever possible, so this was a huge bonus for me. Best part, it taste delicious.

    • 5
      lips feel moost soft and amazing

      Posted by J on 8th Jun 2015

      This product had become a staple. Gently removes dead skin and smells amazig

    • 3
      A little to greasy

      Posted by Tilly on 3rd May 2015

      I wanted to try this but not sure it's for me. Once you put it on, if feels like you have to take it off cuz it's so wet, so not sure if it's really working. I'm not a coconut fan either which I should of got another scent, but didnt realize it was edible. Not sure i would get this again.

    • 5

      Posted by Scottsville4 on 24th Jan 2015

      A little goes a long way, leaves your lips smooth and helps get rid of the flakes. I'm a chronic Chapstick user, and this is better than anything I've ever tried! No petroleum jellies, no harmful ingredients, love it!

    • 5
      Awesome For Chapped Lips!

      Posted by Chelsie on 3rd Jun 2013

      I bought this last weekend at Downtown Disney because I liked how it made my lips feel and the taste was awesome. It's been three days now and I rarely use chap stick anymore! I only apply a little lip balm when I feel I need too. And I used to be obsessed with chap stick. I had tons of them in my house and car. Thanks to this product the dry skin is just gently scrubbed off.

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