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Customize Your Own Bath Bomb Box (7 Smalls)

Was: $56.00
Now: $35.00

Contains 7 of our small size bath bombs. This is a great way to enjoy a variety of your favorite scents. Choose your fragrances below.

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Soothe and Soak | Bath Bomb Basics

Bath bombs are more than just a novelty object or popular trend. When made with simple and nourishing ingredients bath bombs can be soothing for both the mind and body. They're easy to use and provide fast relief for those extra-stressful days! Most bath bombs are made from the same two basic ingredients: baking soda and citric acid. Baking soda can be mildly exfoliating. It also naturally brightens dark ... READ MORE >

How to Use

Fill your tub with warm water and drop bath bomb inside. Soak and relax while the bath bomb dissolves releasing fragrance and color into your bath. The best way to unwind after a long day! Bath Bomb dissolves in water in 3 to 5 minutes pending on size. Safe for all ages.

Small Bath Bomb

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19 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    bath bombs

    Posted by Michael Woodland on 15th Aug 2023

    Very good product

  • 5
    great deal!

    Posted by tonyandmikesmom on 29th Jun 2023

    I buy these all of the time. I do miss the tube packaging though. thanks

  • 5
    So great

    Posted by Erin on 22nd Aug 2022

    I like being able to customize. Package arrived nicely shipped. I do miss the tube but nothing arrived broken. Thanks

  • 1
    The incredible shrinking bath bomb!

    Posted by Shari Stout on 15th May 2022

    Just received CNY most recent order of bath bombs. I have been a huge fan for years and love the effervescence and soothing aroma of Basin bombs. These new small bombs are at least 25% smaller in size, fizz in the water for about 30 seconds, and barely have any aroma. Definitely did not transform my bath into the heavenly experience I have come to expect from a Basin Bath bomb. I have used and gifted Basin bombs for over ten years but this box is a total waste of money!! The new box packaging is also very deceitful. Lots of packaging, box, separate wraps around tiny bombs. Very little product. I miss the cardboard tubes where the nice sized, compact, aerobatic bombs!

  • 5
    Small Bath Bombs in Barrell

    Posted by Anita Hynus on 31st May 2021

    I love the container for the 7 small bath bombs. It keeps them fresh. The smaller bombs makes me feel like I am using less when I really get more.

  • 3
    Love the product, disappointed in the packaging

    Posted by Basin Guest on 7th Dec 2019

    I am a longtime fan of Basin and their amazing bath bombs. I order them regularly for myself and gift them to my mother every Christmas, birthday, etc because she loves them so much too. So when my two barrels came today for Christmas gifts, I was very disappointed to see that every individual bath bomb in the barrel was shrink wrapped in plastic! Come on, guys. That’s a step backwards! What was wrong with them just loose in the barrel. I prefer to support companies that value sustainability and are making positive changes in that direction so I really wish you would go back to packaging the bombs unwrapped in the barrels.

  • 3
    5 for product, 3 for Ordering Process

    Posted by Basin Guest on 18th Dec 2018

    Still unable to order the small tubes because as I select the options for scents, the "add to cart" disappears off the visible page. I have tried 3 browsers on 3 devices, changed screen settings in hopes that might help, and contacted Basin, but I was told to use another browser...or call, which is inconvenient.

  • 5

    Posted by Tiffany on 27th Feb 2017

    Loved these bath bombs really fizzy and the aroma! Wow! Only thing is some dye the tub but easy clean up!

  • 5
    Addicted to Bath Bombs

    Posted by Brandon on 24th Jan 2017

    I recently experienced Basin for the first time while visiting Disneyworld in Florida. I bought two barrels while I was there, and as soon as those ran out, I ordered more online. Shipping was quick, and the quality of the bombs is great! They smell wonderful and are certainly relaxing. Thanks!