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Rock Body Deodorant


Rock Body Deodorant is back! And with a new look too!

If you have sensitive skin or allergies or simply want a healthy alternative to mainstream, chemical laden deodorants this deodorant is for you.  Rock Body Deodorant is made of 100% natural mineral salts which make the compound Alum.  The salts form a topical layer on the skin making it hard for odor causing bacteria to thrive.  Because it is natural there are no chemicals, perfumes, dye, alcohol (which shrinks pores) or aluminum chlorohydrate/aluminum zirconium.  These compounds enter the pores and physically block or clog them.  Men and women alike can use this.

How to Use

Moisten the rock and apply to the skin directly after you have bathed or showered.

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  • 5
    Rock Body Deodorant

    Posted by Farah on 9th May 2023

    Absolutely love this product. All natural and no unsightly stains under arms PS. I’m not a robot. No one is. Why do y’all have that as a requirement????

  • 4
    Rock deodorant

    Posted by Sofia on 23rd Dec 2022

    Find a way for a better grip. It drops and cracks, drops and crack too much.

  • 4
    Love this product with 1 issue

    Posted by Lenore B on 12th Aug 2022

    I absolutely love this product, while occasionally I do have slight odor it is minimal and rare. My only dislike of it is there needs to be a better way to handle it. It is inevitable that I end of dropping it and it breaks all over my bathroom floor. Because you need to use it on wet skin it is slippery and I've had to replace several due to them breaking.

  • 4
    Great Deodorant Alternative

    Posted by Sarah on 22nd May 2022

    I'm trying to switch to more sustainable products and this has been a great alternative to deodorant. I researched how to use it and so far haven't had issues. My sweat doesn't have a any odor when I use it after a shower, which is great. I'll probably still use deodorant for special events to avoid armpit stains, but this great for the day to day.

  • 5

    Posted by Di on 30th Dec 2021

    Thought I’d share that I bought a silicone oven mitt - the small grip ones from the dollar store. If you cut off one side, it makes a perfect grip proof protector for the rock!

  • 5
    Rock deodorant

    Posted by Tracie Zaring on 5th Sep 2021

    Best deodorant EVER!

  • 5
    Rock Body Deodorant

    Posted by Sandy on 9th Aug 2021

    Does its job perfectly ! No body odor. I also use this stone under my breasts to prevent heat rashes and it works. Recommended to husband and friend and the stone performs for them also. Suggestion- only wet the side you plan to use. Keep the side in your hand dry.

  • 5
    Only thing that works

    Posted by KC on 21st Jul 2021

    I’m not a “natural deodorant” person, all I care about is that I get something that actually works all day. Even mainstream “clinical strength” deodorants only work for about a half a day for me, even with the “apply it at night” trick. I’m not even particularly sweaty, and I shower every day! Stinky genes, I guess. Anyway, I figured I’d give this a try, because I’ve tried everything else. I can’t even believe the complete lack of any smell whatsoever in my pits!! I could conceivably wear a shirt two days in row, because my shirts have no leftover armpit odor whatsoever! I’m a total convert to this rock deodorant!

  • 1
    Didn’t work

    Posted by Lindsay on 25th Jun 2021

    This product just didn’t work for me. Applied as directed and had to use stick deodorant within an hour. Love Basin’s other products, this one just didn’t work!

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