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You're The Bomb Bath Bomb Box


$78 value for $52

Celebrate Mother's Day with the essence of spring in every soak - our "You're The Bomb Bath Bomb Box" is the perfect way to honor the special woman in your life. Inspired by the joy of advent calendars, this delightful set features 12 uniquely scented bath bombs, each designed to provide a lush, rejuvenating experience. Gift the gift of relaxation and love, wrapped in the scents of the season.

This box contains the following Bath Bombs:
Florida Sunshine, Lemongrass, Lovely, Blue, Evening Woods, Butterbomb, Dreams, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Muscle Soother, Lily of the Valley, Serenity, and Coconut Oil.

How to Use

Fill your tub with warm water and drop bath bomb inside. Soak and relax while the bath bomb dissolves releasing fragrance and color into your bath. The best way to unwind after a long day! Bath Bomb dissolves in water in 3 to 5 minutes pending on size. Safe for all ages.


Bath Bomb

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