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Satsuma Conditioner Bar


Nourish hair in our creamy Satsuma scented Conditioner Bar made with nutrients to heal, moisturize, regenerate, and strengthen hair.

Fragrance: Satsuma (Japanese Orange)
Recommended Hair Type: All Types

Key Ingredient: WHEAT GERM OIL

How wheat germ oil helps to condition hair:

  • Rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E to condition hair follicles
  • Moisturizes and nourishes scalp and strands
  • Helps repair damage from hair styling tools and dyes
  • Softens hair and minimizes static and frizziness

  • Pair with Satsuma Shampoo Bar

    Cleanse Responsibly

    What is solid hair care? Believe it or not, all the nourishing ingredients your scalp and hair needs can be found in one compact bar. We've stripped away all the excess, harmful ingredients that are often found in commercial liquid shampoos and conditioners and kept only the good stuff! Our bars are free from drying alcohols and waxes that cause buildup, and are primarily made from a blend of soothing coconut oil and rich cocoa butter. Unique ingredients are added to each bar to ... READ MORE >

    How to Use

    Apply Conditioner Bar directly onto hair. Gently stroke over hair, starting at the top and working down toward the ends, to distribute the conditioner. Leave Conditioner in hair for a few minutes for maximum nourishment. For best results, condition hair after using Basin Shampoo Bars. Lasts 50 to 75 washes. KEEP BAR DRY between uses.


    Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cocoa Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Glycerin, Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance, Glycerin, Red 40, Yellow 5, Benzophenone-3


    Hair Care

    Dry Scalp

    10 Reviews Write a Review

    • 5
      Excellent product!

      Posted by Lynn Aber on 27th Mar 2021

      Just thinking of this product in my shower makes me happy - lovely color, scent, and outcome. I have many allergies but only positive reactions to this conditioner. Have bought more than once.

    • 5
      Perfectly balanced

      Posted by Basin Guest on 11th Mar 2021

      The smell is my favorite so that is an easy sell if you love satsuma, but the conditioner is perfect. Not too heavy but enough to get the tangles out and help with dry hair.

    • 5
      Just WOW

      Posted by Theo on 19th Feb 2021

      I’ve used a few conditioner bars before and didn’t care for them as they never made my hair feel soft, but this one is so creamy and spreads so well through my hair. I love this fragrance and it’s a nice moisturizing hair treatment to use once every few days if you leave on for about 10 mins.

    • 5
      Love love love

      Posted by Kelly on 16th Aug 2020

      I love this conditioner. I’ve been using it exclusively for a few years now. I love it. The bars last forever and so easy to travel with too. The satsuma smell is unbelievable too.

    • 3
      Tinier than I thought but great smell

      Posted by Jennie on 27th May 2020

      This one smells absolutely fabulous but it is way too tiny for the price tag. I would like more bang for my buck.

    • 2
      Anti Climactic

      Posted by Kayleigh Smith on 3rd Nov 2018

      The Satsuma conditioner bar did not lather up as I would have hoped. I had a difficult time getting the bar to condition my hair. It just didn’t break down, at all. Left no noticeable smell and my hair did not get the conditioning it needed leaving my hair very dry throughout the day.

    • 5
      Great Natural Conditioner

      Posted by Ruth Remenar on 22nd May 2017

      This is a nice, light conditioner with a really lovely citrus scent.

    • 5
      I love this conditioner bar!

      Posted by Basin Guest on 15th Apr 2017

      I love this conditioner bar, I will never go back to regular shampoo or conditioner again.

    • 4
      Mixed feelings

      Posted by Abby on 18th Dec 2016

      I noticed that while the shampoo bars have different ingredients lists, the conditioner bars are all the same, just differently colored and scented. Having tried another major brand's conditioner bars, these smell infinitely better, and I think they're suitable for most hair types, but I would prefer a little more moisture. These don't quite detangle my long, curly hair. But I bought these for an upcoming trip to get around TSA liquid rules, so they'll do just fine. I think they'd work best for shorter to shoulder-length hair or for those who tend to have oily scalps. The scent is wonderful, though.