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Shampoo Bars | Cleanse Responsibly | Basin

26th May 2020


What is solid hair care?

Believe it or not, all the nourishing ingredients your scalp and hair needs can be found in one compact bar. We've stripped away all the excess, harmful ingredients that are often found in commercial liquid shampoos and conditioners and kept only the good stuff! Our bars are free from drying alcohols and waxes that cause buildup, and are primarily made from a blend of soothing coconut oil and rich cocoa butter. Unique ingredients are added to each bar to benefit certain hair types. Shampoo bars contain a touch of sodium lauryl sulfate to create a soft lather, which helps rids the scalp and hair of dirt.

Solid hair care is not only beneficial for your hair and scalp, but it's easy on the environment. Because the bars wear down to nothing, there's nothing to throw away! It's easier than ever to make an eco-friendly choice without sacrificing quality. Bars are also ideal to travel with. Forget worrying about liquid limits and leaking in your luggage. Simply place the bars in a reusable container and be on your way.


How do the bars work?

Shampoo first! Simply wet your hair as you usually would. You can either lather the bar in your hands or work the shampoo bar directly into your hair and scalp. Rinse away. Conditioner bars don't lather, but rather they melt. We suggest working the conditioner bar directly through your wet ends. Then use what's left on your hands through the scalp. Leave the conditioner in your hair while you finish up your shower. Then rinse.

TIP: Your bars will last 50-75 washes when kept dry between uses. Just place them up and away from water. A simple soap dish or shower rack will do the trick.


Which bar is best for my hair type?

We offer shampoo bars for all needs including: dry scalp, thinning hair, dry or damaged hair, oily scalp, thick and frizzy hair, fair hair, children's hair, chemically-treated hair, and even overexposed hair. Still not sure? Feel free to reach out to us directly via social media or customer service and we can help you decide.