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Soak in Sake

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In recent years, traditional Japanese hotels have been offering their guests the opportunity to bathe in the country's most famous beverage, sake. At first the experience sounds a bit gimmicky, but as it turns out, the ingredients in sake promote surprisingly impressive skin benefits.


What exactly is sake?

Sake is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. The sake-making process typically takes 2-3 months and once it's bottled it's then aged for another 9-12 months, which allows the sake to become sweet and smooth. Throughout this process the sake becomes infused with powerful natural ingredients. Apparently, for centuries geishas used sake in their skincare and bathing routines to brighten and hydrate their skin.


Why is sake good for the skin?

Fermented rice is naturally rich in amino and kojic acids. Amino acids make up peptides and proteins and are essential to skincare. They help maintain skin's hydration, texture, and overall resilience. Kojic acid works to brighten the skin as it inhibits melanin production. This ingredient is ideal for those who experience hyper pigmentation or have sun spots, age spots, or scarring. Using products that contain both amino and kojic acids promotes an overall anti-aging effect.

Create your own sake bath!

Sake Soak is a luxurious bath oil infused with sake, witch hazel, and various essential oils for a premium skincare experience. Witch hazel is a natural astringent that promotes clear skin. Cottonseed, raspberry seed, macadamia nut, and jojoba oils are supremely moisturizing and nourishing. Bath and body oils are highly concentrated and mimic the skin's natural oil production. In this way, body oil helps the skin retain moisture for longer.

SakeSatsuma HempBathBombs

Sake Soak can be used alone or along with
other favorite bath products. Before each use, shake the bottle well to incorporate all ingredients. They will naturally separate. Then, pour one tablespoon of oil into your warm bath water. Because Sake Soak contains various oils, a little goes a long way. Start with a small amount and add more if needed. If there is excess oil on the skin afterward, simply massage it into the skin or rinse it away. For even more moisture, follow up with a lightweight Hydrator or rich Body Butter for happy, healthy skin. Kanpai!

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