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Shower Bombs Vs. Bath Bombs | No Tub? No Problem! | Basin

10th Apr 2019

Shower Bombs
Do you ever need a therapeutic and relaxing experience but don't have the time to soak away your stress in the bath? Us, too! Shower Bombs add an aromatic twist to your shower without the time commitment needed for a bath. They are perfect for a well-deserved pampering before your busy day or winding down before bed.

We have found that the Shower Bomb experience is not unlike those we have had with an aromatherapy diffuser. This is because Shower Bombs are packed with natural fragrances and essential oils, which triggers the olfactory system and activates changes in both the mind and body that relax and revitalize you. Think of it as a low-key sauna experience in your very own bathroom.

And the best part… they are so easy to use!

1. Choose your shower bomb! Each fragrance will create its own unique aromatherapy experience, so be sure to pick one that suits your mood for the day.

Step 1
2. After you get your shower going, place the shower bomb in the shower, just outside of the direct spray of water. This can be on the shower floor or ledge. Remember to keep the shower bomb away from the drain.

Step 2
3.The water and steam from the shower will cause the shower bomb to effervesce, releasing the aromas. The steamier your shower & bathroom, the more the fragrance will travel and fill your senses.

Step 3
Enjoy your aromatic shower!
Note: Shower Bombs can be used more than once if kept dry between showers!

Choosing Your Shower Bomb

While all Shower Bombs create an aromatic experience, you might choose different scents for different reasons.

Therapy, Lemongrass, Lavender

Therapy, Lemongrass, & Lavender are soft, floral scents said to alleviate stress and anxiety. They can even act as a sleep aid. After all, a calm mind definitely affects sleep quality!

Satsuma, Rose Gold

Satsuma & Rose Gold are bright and citrusy scents that are invigorating, awakening, and energy-boosting.
Menthol, Eucalyptus

Menthol & Eucalyptus are often chosen to help with cold and congestion symptoms.

Now that you know more about Shower Bombs, go and grab yourself one of your very own and tell us about your aromatic experiences! If you need help choosing a Shower Bomb, or have any questions, just ask!