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Charcoal Shampoo Bar


Natural Bamboo Charcoal strengthens hair follicles while removing build up, oils, and pollutants. Added Aloe Vera and coconut oil moisturizes hair bringing luster and shine to every strand.

Fragrance: Moroccan Mud (Musk)
Recommended Hair Type: Oily, Thinning


How activated bamboo charcoal can help your hair::

  • Detoxifies unwanted impurities and build up
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Brings shine and volume to hair

  • Pair with Charcoal Conditioner Bar

    Cleanse Responsibly

    What is solid hair care? Believe it or not, all the nourishing ingredients your scalp and hair needs can be found in one compact bar. We've stripped away all the excess, harmful ingredients that are often found in commercial liquid shampoos and conditioners and kept only the good stuff! Our bars are free from drying alcohols and waxes that cause buildup, and are primarily made from a blend of soothing coconut oil and rich cocoa butter. Unique ingredients are added to each bar to ... READ MORE >

    How to Use

    Rub directly onto hair or rub between hands and apply lather onto hair. Keep dry between uses. Lasts 50 to 75 washes.


    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Coconut Oil, Water, Fragrance, Activated Bamboo Charcoal

    This bar features natural bamboo charcoal to strengthen hair follicles and remove buildup for a cleansed shine.

    About Our Charcoal Shampoo

    Our activated charcoal shampoo bar helps you achieve the cleanest possible wash. This formula works well on various hair textures and lengths, including colored hair, to leave you feeling clean and refreshed, and the Moroccan mud fragrance leaves your hair smelling luxurious. It includes wholesome cleansing ingredients with no parabens, synthetic alcohols or mineral oils, and we use only cruelty-free testing processes.

    Basin charcoal shampoo comes in a round, textured bar for ease of hand-held use and minimal environmental impact. Package-free options like our shampoo bar offer an eco-friendly way to reduce waste while still enjoying a sumptuous cleansing experience.

    Benefits of Activated Charcoal in Shampoo

    We add coconut oil and aloe vera to our charcoal shampoo to moisturize your hair and scalp while it cleanses. The balanced formula eases dry ends without weighing your hair down.

    Activated charcoal is wonderful for gently cleaning your strands, removing buildup, pollutants and oils for a fresh and revived feel. Enjoy a hydrated look with shine, luster and the feel of clean, bouncy locks.

    Buy Bars of Charcoal Shampoo

    Charcoal shampoo bars provide an eco-friendly solution for washing your hair, making them a perfect addition to your bath and shower routines. Feel confident with stronger, more voluminous hair.

    Pair this product with the charcoal conditioner bar for the best results. If you'd like to explore other options, check out our full line of hair care products with different fragrances and key ingredients for specific needs. Order online today!


    Hair Care

    Dry Hair

    Damaged Hair

    37 Reviews Write a Review

    • 5
      squeaky clean hair and scalp

      Posted by Dena Fabiano on 20th Jul 2020

      I love, love, love this bar! It lathers really nicely and doesn't have an overwhelming smell. My hair and scalp feel brand new after using this bar for just a week!

    • 5
      Feels great

      Posted by Deanna on 20th Jun 2020

      I tried this as part of the Hair Care barrel and it smells good and my hair feels so soft and smooth. I blow dried my hair and it was way less frizzy than usual after using this shampoo & the matching conditioner. Smell isn't overpowering, it's subtle and nice.

    • 5
      Great shampoo

      Posted by Kara Williams on 25th May 2020

      Leaves my hair soft

    • 5
      Good shampoo bar for oily roots.

      Posted by Rachel on 31st Mar 2020

      I really liked the charcoal bar, it is great for oily hair. I gave it a 5 star rate because I have not found anything like it before! Only issue I had with the charcoal bar was after about 4 washes with it, my hair roots started to become really dry and I would have flakes in my hair. So I started mixing up my bars, using other bars and it seemed to help alot.

    • 5
      The best shampoo I have ever purchased!

      Posted by Amber Robinson on 28th Mar 2020

      I discovered this shampoo a couple of years ago and have used it since. I had suffered from severe dandruff for over 15 years. Bought this as a suggestion from the attendant in the store and within 1 week I was dandruff free. I have since slowed to using this one to two times a week and am officially cured! I keep this in stock in my house and will ONLY use basin!

    • 5
      Super soft hair

      Posted by Basin Guest on 13th Jan 2020

      The shampoo bar leaves my hair super clean and so soft. My stylist even commented on the softness!

    • 5
      Bought another one

      Posted by Basin Guest on 10th Jan 2020

      I just bought my second shampoo bar because I really enjoyed the first one. I still have about half the conditioner bar though, FYI. Great lather, makes my hair feel clean.

    • 5
      Works well

      Posted by Kate on 30th Oct 2019

      I'm pleasantly surprised by how well this works. It lathers up quickly and has a very mild, masculine scent. I have short, thick hair and it feels great. I like this better than Lush shampoo bars.

    • 4
      Good for travel.

      Posted by on 17th Dec 2018

      I travel a lot for work, and the shampoo and conditioner bars take up very little space and aren’t liquid so there’s no separate inspection when putting them in carry-on. I do wish the scent fron the original Moroccan Mud bar from around 2006 was still around. The scent has gotten weaker and weaker over the years and is barely recognizeable in the charcoal bar version. Still a great product. But would be 5* if it had the original strong scent.