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Easing Back To "Normal" & Products That Help | Basin

Easing Back To "Normal" & Products That Help | Basin

16th Jun 2021

Easing Back to "Normal" & Products That Help

It's normal to feel anxious or stressed as we start transitioning to post-pandemic life. Places are opening up! People are gathering. Some of us are even headed back into the office. This can all feel quite overwhelming if you've been living a socially-distanced life over the past year. While some might be jumping at the chance to "return to normal," it's ok if you would rather ease your back way in.

Update your self-care routine with products that help you feel your best and relieve some stress.

EnergizerShowerBomb Are you languishing? Basically, it's a sense of stagnation, emptiness, or an overall feeling of "blah." It's the very notion many of us have been struggling to define this past year. Recharge your mental batteries with Energizer Shower Bomb. A sweet pineapple, bergamot, and black currant blend is zesty and invigorating! Fruit and citrus scents are proven to be natural mood-boosters.

BathSalts Some of us have grown accustomed to more couch time and less movement this past year. Help yourself get back into action with a little Bath Salt soak. A special blend of Epsom and Dead Sea salts works together to detox and soften the skin, while easing tight muscles or any aches and pains you might have.

PurifyShowerBomb Is your skin feeling a bit dull or congested? Cleanse and reset with Purify Bath Bomb! This new dye-free formula is packed with alfalfa powder that’s naturally rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins which join forces to detoxify the skin while protecting against environmental stressors that can cause premature aging.

FreshFacials Put your best face forward with a mix-your-own Fresh Facial. Each kit comes with a liquid vegetable glycerin and a clay and oatmeal powder base with additives. Simply mix your desired amount - it should resemble a glue-like consistency - and apply an even layer to the skin. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and rinse away.

RockBody Make the switch to natural Rock Body Deodorant! It's made from 100% mineral salts which, when applied to damp skin, form a topical layer that makes it nearly impossible for odor-causing bacteria to thrive. No odor means one less thing to worry about as you transition back into the world. Plus, it's great those for with allergies or sensitive skin.

SolidMoisturizer Solid Moisturizers are essentially hard-packed lotions that make application a breeze. They're made from a blend of cottonseed oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter and absorb easily into the skin, without leaving a greasy residue. A stick allows for better concentration in extra dry areas, like knuckles or heels, so toss one in your bag and get out there!